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Bahrain Petroleum Company BAPCO Jobs

The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, is engaged in the oil industry including exploration and prospecting for oil, drilling, production, refining, distribution of petroleum products and natural gas, sales and exports of crude oil and refined products.

The company owns and operates a 260,000 barrels-a-day refinery, storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal and a marine terminal for its petroleum products.

Control Operators – FCCU / LSFO / LSDP / NORTH & SOUTH Process units

Operates controls and maintains a steady state of operation of Refinery process units and related equipment under his control in the most safe and efficient manner to meet required throughput, maximize yield and meet required quality specifications. Safely handles all unit emergencies. Ensures the operations are in accordance with established procedures and instructions. .


FCCU COMPLEX - consists of the following units, FCCU, GCU, CDU, Polymerisation Plant, Naphtha Rerun Complex and LPG Treaters. FCCU – Control Operator must have excellent experience of FCCU and good experience of Crude Distillation Unit. GCU – Control Operator must have excellent knowledge of GCU and good knowledge of NRC and Poly Plant

LSFO COMPLEX - consists of the following units, No.1 Hydrogen Unit, large VDU, Diesel Hydrotreater, two SRU trains one TGTU, two SWS’s, Sulphur Pelletiser Facilities and amine treating units.

LSDP COMPLEX - consist of No.2 Hydrogen Plant, Hydro-cracker, Lube Base Oil Unit, two SRU trains, one TGTU, two SWS’s, Amine units and Flare.

NORTH PROCESS SECTION (NPS) consists CDUs, VDUs, VBU, KRU, Refinery Gas Systems and Flares.

SOUTH PROCESS SECTION (SPS) consists of CDU, Kero Merox Unit, VDU, Unifiner/Platformer

1. The ideal candidate will hold a Diploma and higher preferably in Chemical, Petroleum or Mechanical Engineering.

Minimum of 5 years experience in plant operation including training, of which at least 3 years should be in a Control Operator position or equivalent and operated DCS, with practical REFINING experience.

2. Must have excellent/good knowledge of relevant process units mentioned above.

3. Required to list process units he has personally operated and duration in each position.

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